Fotor – Your Ultimate Online Photo Editing Tool


Are you looking for a powerful and user-friendly online photo editor to enhance your pictures effortlessly? Look no further than Fotor – the ultimate photo editing tool that serves everyone’s needs. 

Whether you want to crop images, add text, create photo collages, or remove backgrounds, Fotor has got you covered with its diverse range of free online photo editing tools.

Crop Images Online for Free

Fotor’s free image cropper allows you to easily crop images to any size and shape within seconds. Say goodbye to unwanted parts in your photos and have full control over the image composition with just a few clicks. 

Crop out unnecessary objects and instantly edit the perspective of your photos to create stunning visuals that fit any social media platform, be it Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Remove Backgrounds with AI Precision

With Fotor’s AI background remover, you can bid farewell to distracting backgrounds effortlessly. Whether it’s hair, fur, or complex edges, Fotor’s advanced AI technology can accurately detect the subject and smoothly cut out the background without any manual work. 

You can even change the background color or replace it with thousands of photo backgrounds, offering endless customization options for your images.

Enhance Photos with AI Image Enhancer

Transform your photos from ordinary to extraordinary with Fotor’s AI photo enhancer. This powerful tool can make blurry images clear, increase photo resolution, sharpen details, colorize photos, and repair blurred photos automatically. 

Fotor can upscale low-resolution images, which makes it a valuable asset for photographers, e-commerce businesses, and anyone looking to improve image quality.

Create Professional-Looking Collages

Fotor’s free online collage maker simplifies the process of creating stunning collages. In Fotor you can choose from a wide variety of options, including basic photo grids, holiday-themed collages, and social media collages.

The user-friendly interface allows you to customize the collage’s layout, adjust border colors, and rearrange images to fit your preferences. Impress your family and friends with captivating collages in seconds.

Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos

No more photobombers or distracting elements ruining your images! Fotor’s AI object remover can swiftly and automatically erase people, text, date stamps, and any other unwanted objects. Say goodbye to tedious manual editing in Photoshop.

Fotor’s AI technology analyzes your images and uses image inpainting techniques to recreate the removed areas seamlessly, preserving the natural appearance of your photos.

Apply Amazing Photo Effects

Fotor offers a massive collection of online photo effects and filters, designed by talented professionals. From vintage and Lomo effects to black & white filters and artistic styles, you can enhance your images with just a few clicks.

These photo effects can elevate your pictures on social media, add contrast and focus, or even create a heart-shaped photo collage for your loved ones.

User Friendly Editing Tools

Fotor’s photo editing tools are easy to use, so you don’t need any technical skills to use them effectively. You can easily drag and drop your images, apply filters, add text, and adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation.

Fotor’s tools will help you achieve professional-level results for both experienced photo editors as well as beginners.

Photo to AI Anime Effects

With Fotor’s AI anime generator, you can easily transform any image into anime-style art. Whether it’s a portrait, landscape, or any other photo, Fotor’s anime filter can turn it into an AI artwork in just seconds. You can also make anime selfies or apply the anime filter to avatars for social media.


Fotor stands out from the crowd with its excellent AI-powered features, cross-platform compatibility, and vast library of photo effects. It serves all levels of users, from beginners to professionals, making photo editing easy and accessible for everyone. 

With Fotor, you can unleash your creativity and transform your ordinary photos into stunning masterpieces.

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